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Commercial Aquaponic and Permaculture Farm


12511 San Mateo Rd (Hwy 92) . Half Moon Bay . California

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Aquaponics preserves our fresh water resources and can produce food in water scarce environments. Aquaponics uses up to 90% less water than traditional soil-based farming.
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Why Aquaponics?
A healthy and sustainable alternative to grow vegetables

OUR MISSION: "It is our mission to partner with nature by combining the principles of aquaponics and permaculture to bring our customers the freshest, healthiest, chemical-free produce on the planet."

HEALTHY: Aquaponically grown produce is fresh, pure, chemical free, and has minimal impact on the environment. At Ouroboros Farms, we incorporate many permaculture practices in our systems, as well.

SUSTAINABLE: Greenhouses ensure optimum dependable food production, food security against possible contamination, and vast reduction of travel time, distribution and fuel costs.

Aquaponic Farming Courses
Learn Aquaponics, from your garden to commercial

Our courses teach conceptual and practical aspects of aquaponics through a basic introductory class, and Intermediate class and an advanced class.

The courses cover all aspects of planning, designing, modeling, implemeneting and running an aquaponic farming commercial operation.

We also offer special courses under request to address specific areas of interestsuch as to design and assemble a full aquaponic system with our direct guidance and help, or to learn more about plant selections and seeding, fish selection and care, etc.

Aquaponics Produce Delivery
We deliver fresh aquaponics produce to restaurants, stores, and events

We deliver fresh aquaponic produce to some of the best restaurants around Half Moon Bay, and the San Francisco Peninsula.

Chefs recognize the qualities of high quality aquaponics vegetables and prefer them because they can't find better looking, better tasting, longer lasting, fresher produce anywhere. This is even in season, the fact that they can also have the same produce consistently year long is just fantastic for them - years ago this was unthinkable.

Of course year round reliable availability of fresh just cut vegetables is not only highly convenient for Chefs, it is also practical and healthy for any events planner or group meeting that want to have a truly fresh and healthy meal.